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 HuntingU (Warlock) [Accepted]

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HuntingU (Warlock) [Accepted] Empty
PostSubject: HuntingU (Warlock) [Accepted]   HuntingU (Warlock) [Accepted] EmptyMon Dec 03, 2007 11:44 pm

About you.
Real Name:Ryan
Location :NykÝbing Mors, denmark

In Game Info

The Black Temple:
Heroic Keys:all

Link to gear: (Take away the
but armory havent been updated for ages. but u have seen me from todays raid,

Appliction for Role Type:dps

Talent build:SL, Sl

Previous Guilds:Bless the falls, killing blows

Why did you leave/get kicked?:guild got disbanned. killing blows, no ppl online.

Previous raiding experience:Been to kara a few times. and TK

Why do you want to join Chaoz?:I have heard u are a serious and good guild. got a friend that have joined (Fiskning)

Why Chaoz should recruit you?:Well im a serious player, playing most night. learning fast

Are you ready to wipe a lot in the new encounters?:Well to learn
(new) bosses there will be some wipes.
but mostly succes hopefully

Do you know any one in Chaoz? If so, whom:Fiskning

What are your bad points and faults?:need some more experience, but thats why i wanna join your guild

Do you understand and can speak English clearly on Ventrilo?:yes

you have a solid grasp of the game mechanics, from threat to line of
sight, aswell as what other classes can do in a raiding role?:yes i have

Explain your weekely activity ie - 6days a week, sunday unavailbe etc etc?:i play nearly all night except tuesdays and fridays.

Additional Information/Tell us more about you:
Never argue with idiots.
They drag you down to their lvl,
and beat you with experience!
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HuntingU (Warlock) [Accepted] Empty
PostSubject: Re: HuntingU (Warlock) [Accepted]   HuntingU (Warlock) [Accepted] EmptyTue Dec 04, 2007 6:46 pm

Accepted. We need locks and also more ppl to Starring 25men.
U were doing good job yesterday though lacking lil bit dps ^^ no worrys m8 u'll get gear.

HuntingU (Warlock) [Accepted] 698062Bdcvf

Kek! Forgot to buy healing spells! Bandages pls?
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HuntingU (Warlock) [Accepted]
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