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 Uniquke Hunter - ACCEPTED

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Uniquke Hunter - ACCEPTED Empty
PostSubject: Uniquke Hunter - ACCEPTED   Uniquke Hunter - ACCEPTED EmptyTue Oct 23, 2007 9:24 pm

About you: I am friendly and good guy and i will help you on raids Razz
Real Name: Esa Minkkinen
Location : Finland
Age: 17

In Game Info
Name: Uniquke
level: 70
Race/Class: Night Elf Hunter

Karazhan: yes
The Black Temple: no
Heroic Keys: allmost all

Link to gear

Appliction for Role Type: DPS

Talent build: Marksmanship
5 / 45 / 11

Previous Guilds: Dragon Legion, Corruption and igenuity

Why did you leave/get kicked?: Leaved coz they raid only whit same groupd

Previous raiding experience: Done all in Kara and Gruul

Why do you want to join Chaoz?: Coz i am instred of this guild and wanna meet new ppls

Why Chaoz should recruit you?: Coz i am cool guy and got fine gears and i will help dps in raids

Are you ready to wipe a lot in the new encounters?: Yes i am Razz

Do you know any one in Chaoz? If so, whom: Nope only talked whit Shunnai

What are your bad points and faults?: Don't got any Razz

Do you understand and can speak English clearly on Ventrilo?: Yes i can

you have a solid grasp of the game mechanics, from threat to line of
sight, aswell as what other classes can do in a raiding role?: Yes i know

Explain your weekely activity ie - 6days a week, sunday unavailbe etc etc?: I can play all days if i want and can raid all time

Additional Information/Tell us more about you: hmmm i am good guy and good m8 i help boosting and everything i am friendly if you are friendly for me :PPP and hope you choose me ^^ UP THE CHAOZ xD
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Uniquke Hunter - ACCEPTED Empty
PostSubject: Re: Uniquke Hunter - ACCEPTED   Uniquke Hunter - ACCEPTED EmptyTue Oct 23, 2007 9:57 pm

accepted , welcome Smile

Never argue with idiots.
They drag you down to their lvl,
and beat you with experience!
Uniquke Hunter - ACCEPTED 1460540SSwnt
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Uniquke Hunter - ACCEPTED
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