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 i wanna join the guild :) - ACCEPTED

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PostSubject: i wanna join the guild :) - ACCEPTED   Sat Oct 27, 2007 7:32 pm

about me.
Q1: lars
Q2: denmark
Q3: 16

In game info.
Q4: yakarie
Q5: 70
Q6: human/mage

Q7: yes
Q8: not yet, dunno where i get it
Q9: 3 out of 5

Q10: sry, my internet is kinde fuckked op, so i cant even enter armory without my computer well fuck op =(

Q11: here as dps Very Happy

Q12: atm im 00/00/61, i make nice dmg with it, but for my full power im 40/21/00

Q13: was in genesis, leaved bc it was a non activ guild, and wanna leave bless the fall bc i dont like the ppl in there

Q14: cleared, ZG, AQ20, AQ40, kara and gruuls lair

Q15: because theres some sweet ppl in there and they a well geared Smile

Q16: because im a good mage and know what to do in raids, and ofc im lovely Very Happy

Q17: yes im, so long im with you guys i can wipe the whole day long Very Happy

Q18: Aviuz,Duece and shunnai

Q19: ???

Q20: yes, i got a B-C in english so i can speak and i understand alot of english :d

Q21: well i only use my mage to Raids, and my hunterad for pvp Smile

Q22: i play every day, after school to i go in bed, but i got a job 2, im home around pm 6 wow time,

Q23: well im full epic, or kinde, got around 950 fire spell dmg when im fire unbuffed and around 800 frost spell dmg at frost unbuffed, 1 think i want most in whole wow is tier 4 Smile i just love to raid so if you want a raider its me Smile i got pve gear and pvp gear, so when you check the armory you cant be sure if its my pvp gear or my pve gear Smile got around 15.00 % crit change when i got my target in frosten i got ofc 100% crit chagne and hit for 2k inst and 3-5k frost ball, with fire ball i hit normal 1600-1900, crit 3000-5000, and 1 thing is sure, i love to talk Smile
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PostSubject: Re: i wanna join the guild :) - ACCEPTED   Sat Oct 27, 2007 8:52 pm

your application is currently looking into, but we do have loads of mages right now, but we will look into it.

also didn't see so many crit's when you duelled me Very Happy mostly saw you get pwned Wink
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PostSubject: Re: i wanna join the guild :) - ACCEPTED   Sun Oct 28, 2007 4:15 am


/best regards Shunnai

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PostSubject: Re: i wanna join the guild :) - ACCEPTED   

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i wanna join the guild :) - ACCEPTED
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