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 Druid apply - DENIED

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Druid apply - DENIED Empty
PostSubject: Druid apply - DENIED   Druid apply - DENIED EmptySun Nov 11, 2007 9:25 pm

About you
Real Name: Michiel
Location : The netherlands
Age: 16

In Game Info
Name: DruidGiel
level: 70
Race/Class: Druid

Karazhan: yes
The Black Temple: no
Heroic Keys: none

Link to gear:
Appliction for Role Type:DPS

Talent build:56/0/5

Previous Guilds: Imbalanced

Why did you leave/get kicked?: They fall apart

Previous raiding experience: none

Why do you want to join Chaoz?: Need to raid whit out raiding wow is boring

Why Chaoz should recruit you?: got xp and gear

Are you ready to wipe a lot in the new encounters?:

Do you know any one in Chaoz? If so, whom: no

What are your bad points and faults?:

Do you understand and can speak English clearly on Ventrilo?: yea

you have a solid grasp of the game mechanics, from threat to line of
sight, aswell as what other classes can do in a raiding role?: y

Explain your weekely activity ie - 6days a week, sunday unavailbe etc etc?: 7days a week every day online

Additional Information/Tell us more about you:
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Druid apply - DENIED Empty
PostSubject: Re: Druid apply - DENIED   Druid apply - DENIED EmptyWed Nov 14, 2007 5:44 pm

Soz m8. I'm not much for balanced druids. Imo they should be either feral or resto. Denied.

Never argue with idiots.
They drag you down to their lvl,
and beat you with experience!
Druid apply - DENIED 1460540SSwnt
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Druid apply - DENIED
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