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 Tankadin Application [Denied!]

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Tankadin Application [Denied!] Empty
PostSubject: Tankadin Application [Denied!]   Tankadin Application [Denied!] EmptyMon Nov 26, 2007 2:06 am

About you
Real Name: Faraaz
Location : United Kingdom
Age: 15

In Game Info
Name: Kazaru
level: 70
Race/Class: Human Paladin

Karazhan: Got it
The Black Temple: Nope
Heroic Keys: Hellfire Citadel (Flamewrought), Coilfang (Reservoir), CoT (forgetten name of key)

Link to gear: eu.wowarmory.com/character-sheet.xml?r=Zenedar&n=Kazaru

Appliction for Role Type: Tank

Talent build: 0/44/17 (Holy/Prot/Retri)

Previous Guilds: YDH Crusaders, Halluciogenics, Tabula Rasa, The Valentine Massacre

Why did you leave/get kicked?:
YDH - I was GM, was a guidl full of IRL friends, left because they stopped playing.
Halluciogenics - A good guild and friendly =] but didnt fulfil my raiding needs, so I left
Tabula Rasa - GM and Assistant GM left, didn't like the new GM so I left
tVM - Raid often but not succesfully, very large guild, not always friendly, no longer enjoyedd it

Previous raiding experience: Only Karazhan so far

do you want to join Chaoz?: Been looking for a good guild for a while,
heard you've been very successful with Karazhan raiding and that you
progress quickly.

Why Chaoz should recruit you?:
I'm an
active player who will contribute as much a spossible towards the guild
raids. i can use my proffessions to aid other members, and I understand
the game well.

Are you ready to wipe a lot in the new encounters?:
it's a normal part of raiding etc to wipe every now and then. I only
see it as a small repair bill, and veen that that's after many wipes. =]

Do you know any one in Chaoz? If so, whom:
I don't know anyone in Chaoz well.

What are your bad points and faults?:
small things like school work could result in me not being able to
raid. But in these times I would always try my best to tell the raid
leader much ahead of time so that they can find a replacement. I
currently don't have superb gear, but am constantly working on getting
better armor and weapons. (Currently hoping to get soem Arena S1 items
on wednesday, inc. new Tankadin wepon.)

Do you understand and can speak English clearly on Ventrilo?:
I understand and can speak English very well as it's my first language =] No problems there.

you have a solid grasp of the game mechanics, from threat to line of
sight, aswell as what other classes can do in a raiding role?:
understand the general game mechanics well as well as my own
characters. There are some small things I maynot know about other
classes; but I'll try and brush up on that asap.

Explain your weekely activity ie - 6days a week, sunday unavailbe etc etc?:

GMT Time Zone (1 Hour behind server)
Mon-Thurs; 16:00-23:00 (roughly, could have small breaks in between due to school work)
Fri; 21:30-02:30 (into Sat)
Sat; 12:00-16:00 (sometimes) 19:00-02:00 (usually, into Sun)
Sun; 19:00-23:00

Additional Information/Tell us more about you:
I consider myself a fairly good player, I'm active and am currently
working hard to get some better gear. I promise I won't let you down =]
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Tankadin Application [Denied!] Empty
PostSubject: Re: Tankadin Application [Denied!]   Tankadin Application [Denied!] EmptyMon Nov 26, 2007 1:42 pm

Denied cus of the age. we have age reg 16. Also cus of the reason why u left from former guilds and last guild u were in was The Valentine Massacare. As I warned u before we don't need prot specced pally, well that's just how it is. Other Thing. u have completely wrong Gear to tank u need Shit load of more spelldmg. cus that's the thing how u generate threath.

basicly i say no cus of the age. that's all. and the gear m8. that's horrible gear fo pala tank.

Tankadin Application [Denied!] 698062Bdcvf

Kek! Forgot to buy healing spells! Bandages pls?
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Tankadin Application [Denied!]
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